iwritewords is a great app for teaching letter stroke sequence. It shows an insect, i call it a tick, and you have to lead him following the numbers, in the correct sequence. Once completed, it posts the letter that the student drew themselves. You can also drag the completed letter block into the disposal or tilt your device to drop into the disposal.

ABC tracer is a similar app but not as well developed. This app reinforces correct stroke sequence with a green line and the incorrect stroke with a red line. Very confusing if you are just learning especially if you correct mid stroke. But the other options are great! Pop and Learn is one I use often for teaching kids the alphabet. The full version brings up the entire alphabet whereas the lite version presents only a portion ( like a-j?). So I have both, but it would be great if only a portion of the alphabet was available on the full version as well.

sparklefish is a new app I just discovered. It is madlibs for the new generation!!! The student can either read a word or come up with a "noun" of their own and speak it into the device. At the end the reader reads the story with the students voice interjected with their chosen words! Lots of fun! I then have the kids copy or write the words/sentences on their own depending on their level.

Sheri B. OT