By design, the iDevices do not work with Flash. Steve Jobs explained that decision in April, 2010 , citing performance and stability problems with Flash.

For websites with Flash animations, games, and videos, there are some workaround apps. These apps work by accessing the website that has Flash content, converting the Flash to a newer web standard format (HTML5), and rendering that converted content on the iDevice.

Rover Browser App works for Discovery Education and even for most Google Apps. Ryan Bretag's blog review of Rover

Skyfire Web Browser is designed for Flash videos, but may work with some online Flash games.

Puffin Web Browser allows the iPad to access website activities and online one-switch games that use Flash.

Photon Flash Web Browser

Skyfire and Puffin work (with a little bit of time lag) with Shiny Learning and Help Kidz Learn.

Megan Sicilia reports:
I was able to get two of those converter websites [Photon and Puffin] to work with Starfall, Dreambox and Raz-Kids.