FERT 2.0 by LAB@ HCI Sejong University Facial Expression

These are my positive (+) and negative (-) comments.

(+) digital avatar is modeling a variety of given expressions.
(+) It's great to move back and forth to compare the neutral expression while focusing on specific parts of the face which change.
(+) Various functions include:
a. 3D Avatar Settings (2 male faces to choose from, 1 female face)
2 choices of black or blond hair styles
The length of time the expression can be viewed.
The face can be still or rotate to the degrees of your choice
The sound can be off or on.
b. Scenarios - 7 to choose from to set up the game (AKA: test)
At least 3 are required to set up the game.
c. Facial Expression Avatar - easy to compare/contrast all 7 expressions
d. Facial Expression Game - responses are posted by success factors of:
time, correct items, points scored.
Success is charted on an organizational chart.

(-) The facial expression "sad" could have been better. It's too similar to the neutral face in my opinion.
(-) The default music is annoying. I always turn mine off.
(-) It's probably not the best in terms of realistic faces, however, (+) it's great as a jump off point to begin conversations about non-verbal facial cues.