What is it?

  • storage in the Cloud that unobtrusively, effortlessly, and reliably keeps files on your devices synchronized
  • it just works; once you install it on a computer or iDevice, you don't have to think about it
  • has a lot of options for sharing files; any file can be private, privately shared (in various ways), or public
  • can preview many kinds of files from inside the app, without opening a different app
  • popular and supported by many apps, for getting files from Dropbox and sending files to Dropbox
  • free additional storage for photos and videos, if you enable auto-upload

New (and Fixed) in Dropbox v3.02

  • works better now with Pages, Numbers, and Keynote
  • works much better now with PDFs, including annotations
  • automatically (if you enable it) uploads pictures and videos when you connect the iDevice to the computer

Any additional ways to do it? Many... these are the most popular (and well-supported):

  • Box is pretty good, and they have a promotion going this month: new subscribers on iDevices get 50GB free
  • SkyDrive is from Microsoft; you may be able to get 25GB free
  • Google Drive gives you 15GB for free, and it has many cool features, including real-time concurrent collaboration on some kinds of documents

What can I do with it?

  • transfer files that are too big to be email attachments
  • homework drops with timestamps
  • lots of apps (including Proloquo2Go) have "send-to-Dropbox" option
  • you can have as many shared folders (inside your Dropbox folder) as you want, and each one can be shared with a different group of invited guests
  • teach students how to use their own Dropbox to keep track of their documents and always have them available "in the cloud"
  • on an iDevice (that doesn't have enough storage for your whole Dropbox), you can 'Favorite' selected documents to keep them available off-line
  • you can email files as attachments directly to Dropbox
  • OK, this one is a little weird: you can build simple websites, and have all your website pages in Dropbox, using DropPages