When your battery runs out of juice, you and your student are likely to find a blank screen. This can throw off your therapy plan and lead one to early retirement. Why doubt your OS device when you can have an intimate countdown of your device's remaining power? This review is for a free app called Boost Magic. By simply clicking on the icon on your I-device, Boost Magic conveniently tells you how much power is left in your battery. Depending on the task at hand, this app will announce how much remaining power you have using cool graphics. For example, the use of apps takes less power than watching YouTube or using GPS navigation. Whatever you are doing the app gives you an estimate of how long you can do it on the existing charge. Another nice feature is an explanation of how to deep charge your battery. This handy procedure should be done each month to keep your I-device battery in tiptop shape. Boost Magic has a "big brother" called Battery Pro Boost Magic which costs 99 cents. In either case, go to the App Store and pick it up. The price is right. Several other battery maintenance apps are available and I just wanted to share what I know about this one. ~Brian