The Articulation Station app costs $49.99 which is pretty pricey. However, it provides a wide variety of highly motivating, kid-friendly game playing approaches to work on specific phonemes at a variety of levels: from the single word level, to the sentence level, and finally to reading a short story. It also provides an option to record individual students as they are working on a specific sound so they can self-monitor their production of specific phonemes. I've used this app with kids in kindergarten through 4th grade and everyone of them really enjoyed the time they spent working on their speech sounds via this application. I would highly recommend that you try this app during your speech therapy sessions. Probably using it with a maximum of three kids would be the best way to utilize the activities effectively. KM

As a novice Ipad user, I found this app easy to use and very motivating. I was able to sample the variety of levels and found it very user friendly. DHR