Heidisa Jan 2, 2012 9:24 pm

At preschool level I use Kandy Fish to work on pre-writing shapes, matching, coloring. Also Paint Sparkle for coloring and "free hand drawing' incorporating shapes.

My preschool teacher also reports that after using the drawing application for the students to practice drawing Mat Man - now 6 more of her students draw a person with a body! (as opposed to pre- iPad practice with no body).

I am always using ABCtracer with students because we can get tons of repetitions in a short time and I love seeing how the students start self correcting themselves with the immediate feedback of this app.

I have a student with multiple disabilities that has not been interested in 'cartoon looking' switch programs/apps, but is highly motivated to swipe pages in the Mini Adventures Animals app to look at real life animal pictures - I would never have observed the consistent fine motor control this student has (at times) without trialing this educational tool with her!

Heidisa Jan 2, 2012 9:12 pm

We have set up one of our student's ipad into about 5 category of apps - reading, writing, math, spelling, education. The Spellosaur app is easy for teacher/s to input weekly spelling words that this student can work on during that time in class. Spell blocks with animals is very motivating with this student's high interest in animals.