How big are the birds in Angry Birds?

It has now been scientifically determined that the Red Birds stand almost 70 cm tall, which is as tall as a 7 month old, 18 pound human baby.

the physics of Angry Birds:

From Kotaku:

The questions asked if a blue angry bird conserves energy when it splits in three, or a white bird conserves momentum when it drops its bomb. One question had students ricochet an angry bird off of a block in the world and then determine the coefficient of restitution and the mass of the angry bird.

From WiredScience:

On Earth, the vertical acceleration should be -9.8 m/s2. I can use this to find the length of that sling shot as:
external image LaTeXiT-1-111.jpg

That is one big ole sling shot, 5 meters tall? Wow. Measuring the red bird, it is almost 70 cm tall. Thats a big bird. Big, angry bird.

Angry Birds as a model for task design:

Five Lessons On Teaching From Angry Birds That Have Nothing Whatsoever To Do With ParabolasOctober 3rd, 2011 by Dan Meyer