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AppsForLearning is also a "collab" group, based in Spokane WA. Many of us work in Spokane schools, with students age 3-21. We are parents, speech therapists, occupational therapists, teachers, and specialists of various kinds. Some of us are students.

In October, 2011, we started meeting twice a month to learn Apple iOS mobile devices (iDevices): iPads, iPhones, iPod Touches.

Mostly we're going to put app reviews here. If you have experience with other mobile devices (Android and Win 8 tablets, maybe?), throw that in here too. Also, we might write about accessories, cases, speakers, adapting iDevices for students with special needs, and the occasional inspirational story.


2013.09.16 Update on Shunts and iPads - Just don't sleep on your iPad if you have a Strata magnetic shunt in your brain

Here's a note from the doctor about the safety of iPads for children with magnetically programmed shunts (like the Strata):

and Dr. Partington's video:

2012.10.01 Voice Dictation Command List for iPad 3, iPad 4, itouch 5, iPad Mini

Here's a handy list of voice commands for dictation:

2012.09.20 iOS 6 App Store Connect Fix

Apple Discussion Board user CLwill posted a hint that worked for me:
"Go to Settings>General>Date and Time>Set Automatically>Off. Set the date one year ahead. Try to update the apps again. If you get an error message, go back to the settings. Correct the date and time (set automatically) then go back and try to update the apps again."
Not only did this correct the connectivity issue, it has allowed me to browse the list of available Passbook-compatibile apps. Several MacRumors users also report that the fix solved the issue for them.
Finally, I noticed that, after changing the date, the row of icons at the bottom of the iOS 6 App Store have changed from "Features," "Categories," "Top 25," "Search" and "Updates" to "Featured," "Charts," "Genius," "Search" and "Updates."

2012.04.17 Text-Editing Apps

There sure are a lot of text editing apps for iDevices. Just in time, here's a list from :

2012.02.27 Hydrocephalus, Magnetically Programmable Shunts, and the iPad 2

Do you have a student with shunts? Here is a caution from Medtronic Neurosurgery:
Dear Members: Today we received the official information from Medtronic Neurosurgery on the use of the Apple iPad 2 and persons with programmable shunts.
The email is from Jeffrey Henders, VP of Quality and Regulatory Affairs at Medtronic.
Below is a portion of the email.

"Dear Mr. Illions, On December 9, 2011 we received a question from you regarding the use of an Apple iPad 2 for individuals with an implanted Strata Valve. A sample iPad 2 was evaluated for magnetic strength. The left front edge of the iPad 2 was found to have a magnetic strength of 306 Gauss and the rear speaker measured 456 Gauss. The Strata family of valves is designed to be adjusted with a permanent magnet of at least 90 Gauss, directly against the valve. This indicates that the iPad 2 has the potential to affect the Strata Valve setting if the areas having the above measured fields are placed directly adjacent to the implant location of the Strata Valve. Inadvertent adjustments by external magnets are a known complication with adjustable valves. Therefore, the same precautions that are applied to all magnets should also be applied to the iPad 2"

Realistically, because magnetic field strength is exponentially diminished over distance, the risk would only exist if a student was holding one of the magnetic areas of the iPad 2 right at the implant location. It's not very likely, but it's a good thing to be aware of.


Proloquo2Go is doing a whole series of previews for the upcoming v2.0 release


Apple iTV may be a 42-inch iPad:
Apple iTV: Angry Birds
Apple iTV: Angry Birds


This is the iPad case that I've been hoping for. Many years ago, as a volunteer firefighter/EMT, I was drafted into a crew for a massive and fast-moving "project fire" that jumped Lake Spokane. The fire bosses had these cool strap-supported chest-pack desks for radios and clipboards that folded down from a daypack harness. This is an updated version, that can hold an augmentative-communication iPad and lots of other stuff. There's a $49 original and a $99 larger version available.


GREAT NEW FINE MOTOR APP!!! It's called LetterSchool and teachs handwritng using HWT font. it is a 3 level/step process to learning the sequence of letters. First is just touch the dot in the correct sequence and watch "it" go, then you trace the lines of the letter, and lastly you write the letters.

If you don't draw the line completely it makes you start that line over rather than just completing from where you left off like other apps.
On the last step the cues fade the instant you start writing and as you make errors it provides cuing based on your errors either starts or sequence or control thus VERY intuitive! Very engaging and motivating for kids!!!! Sheri B OT


"Can you adjust the sensitivity of the touchscreen?"

Sort of. In answer to many, many requests:


Proloquo2Go v2.0 delayed to early 2012

"Work on version 2.0 is taking longer than expected. We are hard at work on our new core words-based vocabulary and database architecture for Proloquo2Go. Once these two critical pieces are in place, we will be able to move ahead. The free 2.0 update is expected early next year and will provide two brand new vocabularies, multi-user support, folder and button level control over appearance, simpler and more powerful customization and editing, support for hidden buttons and empty slots on pages, alternative navigation options instead of swipe to scroll."


iDevices Pilot Study Results

Not exactly "News" from an iDevice pilot in Illinois last year


Proloquo2Go v1.7 Webinars Announced on Facebook

Yes, Proloquo2Go has a Facebook page.
Sign up for these free webinars to learn the latest version of Proloquo2Go: