2011.11.03 Apps for Communication Notes

8am Thursday collab meeting at the Skills Center

Proloquo2Go News:

version 1.7 update
  • The message window is now resizable, supporting a larger backspace button.
  • The navigation bar is now resizable, supporting a larger back button.
  • The space between items can now be adjusted.
  • All Settings are now consolidated into the Option View.
  • Auto-conjugation now supports possessives of proper nouns.
  • Options view can now be password protected.
  • Changes to Appearance settings are now live-updated on iPad.
  • Additional voices can now be downloaded in the background.
  • Auto-spacing now handles punctuation better.
  • Numerous small enhancements and fixes.

Bug in 1.7 on itouch and iPhone Edit Mode: adding button with photo is broken, but works for icons. iPad not affected. Will be fixed in a few days; update from App Store.

Backup, Restore, and Connect to Computer

  • runthrough of procedures
  • get timings for backup and restore
  • discuss practicality of using backup and restore for resetting single device for different users and different tasks
  • discuss practicality of sharing special pages for activities; ie literacy, stories, vocab lists; using backup and restore

If We Have Time

  • current state of play for sharing/printing written work: Evernote, Dropbox, iCloud
  • current state of play for printing directly from device
  • district wifi internet blocking profile for iDevices: if you're on an iPad, you're a Student; the 5-minute rule; Moral of this story: Write offline, then go online and Copy and Paste text to web
  • inventory update
  • classroom iPad update - Carmen



- How to get iPads (need to make a request through area coordinator)
- iPads are being used for assistive technology evaluations to determine if device would be appropriate
- Goal is for individual evaluations (so the process does not have to start all over/be lost when a child moves schools)
- Need to have paperwork to support the student needing a device
- New process to request device - Assistive technology evaluation request through coordinator

Question asked: How to get devices for students, are there grants, discounts, etc. to help families purchase a device for their child?
Answer: There are grants at the store level (stores that sell iPads), community grants, state and national grants. Discounts might be a refurbished one from apple, or craigslist.

- They are trying to get devices for programs (i.e. DI) with technology funds from bond
- Can buy ipad with technology funds, question about apps for the device
- Decided apps can be bought but must be at the same time (similar to buying a computer with Microsoft Word on it, etc.)
- Apple purchases are on hold right now (the district needs to show why they buy from one vendor, usually a process of getting bids from different vendors)
- Inventory, please let Carmen know if you have an iPad and the serial numbers on it, location, etc. (only iPads at this time)


- appsforlearning.wikispaces.com

- Need to write reviews for clock hours

- Publicity about iPads being used for communication/with autism, etc.

- 60 Minutes did a story about the iPad and Proloquo2Go

- KREM approached the school district wanting to know if we use iPads, how it helps, they want to do a story on a student using the device at school and at home (CONTACT Jacquie Weddle if you have a student/story)

Question asked: Does each program have to apply to get a device from the district? Does each DI have to ask for one, or will all DI classrooms get an iPad?

Answer: Still piloting, need to have a process to collect data to show how the devices are used in the classroom setting to assist students/teaching process, once this is done, then it is hoped that devices will be rolled out to each DI classroom.

Question asked: If a family buys a device, will the district still put on the program Proloquo2Go.

Answer: Yes, as long as the child is in our district, once the child leaves we have the right to ‘take back’ the program.


- iOS 5 is out, download this

- 1.7 Update for proloquo2go, update your idevices

- Backup/restore

- Backup for proloquo2go

-> Options (Lower right corner the .A .B icon, on 1.7 update)

- If you have any troubles or questions go to proloquo videos/manuals

- Back up (allows you to backup the buttons you have set up, pages, voices, etc.)

- When you back it up on the device it will name the backup based on the date and time, make sure to note which student this goes for)

- When you backup, it means that if the program gets deleted or messed up somehow, it is still there.

- Hoping to be able to restore for each student’s settings, working around that

- Can save to a computer, useful if using a different ipad for a student

- Can save to the internet

- Must note date and time

- Needs to be safari or firefox (not internet explorer, may be possible now?)

- Still need internet explorer because SEEDoc will only work with internet explorer

- District wifi, will automatically be a student profile, which has limitations.

- Wiki website is blocked on student profile, can unblock this with Novell sign-in, however it is only for 5 minutes

- Write wiki reviews from a computer not the ipad over the wifi (in case it times out), or if you want to write it on the ipad, write it on word, then paste it into wiki.

- On the wikipage write a review under “new page”

- Preventing data loss

- Long touch on an icon will make it “wiggly” and easy to delete! If everything is “wiggly” press home button (big round one at the bottom)

- Can go to settings -> restrictions ->deleting apps to make it so deletion requires a passcode

- If you lose apps, itunes will now let you re-download and install it

- Proloquo2go update

- All settings are now consolidated into the option view, able to see what it will look like immediately